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I had to work a lot faster than when i used liquid nitrogen but i still did it.
I finished up my Romy receiver and was antsy to put the barrel in. I didnt want to go get dry ice so decided to try with what i had in the garage. I had a 1 pound can of r134a freon. I took the can and poked a small hole in the top (about the size of 1/16 drill) with a awl and immidiatly tipped it upside down in a styrofoam cup to let it pour out. (too large a hole and it will come out too fast and fly all over) I then heated the trunnion with a propane torch to about 300F while i had the barrel end boiling in the freon. After the boiling stopped (indicating i met the lowest temp i could get) i slipped it right in... Again! Well i had to work a lot faster because it locked up in about 7 seconds.
Now this tells me the dry ice idea i told you all wil work like a charm because dry ice/alcohol mixture is a lot colder than 134a freon. 134a boils at -15f
So for those of you who want to try this, just take some 220 emery and polish up the barrel of bit to remove any burrs, finger a bit of emery in the trunnion hole, and go down to the auto parts store to pick up a few cans of freon.
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