Ammo Inc. 7.62x39 123gr full metal jacket. New production, BRASS cased ammo packed in a mini ammo can! Perfect for your favorite AK47, AKM, 7.62x39 AR, CZ Bren, and Sig 556R.

You won't find better quality 7.62x39 anywhere. Ammo Inc. Signature line ammunition is more consistently loaded than steel cased soviet style ammo that has been imported to the USA. You'll find improved accuracy and more consistent long range performance.

Brand or Manufacturer: Ammo Inc.
Type: Signature Series
Cartridge: .7.62x39
Bullet Weight: 123 Grains
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
Muzzle Velocity: 2420 fps
Muzzle Energy: 1680 ft lb
Case Type: Brass
Reloadable: Yes
Non-Corrosive: Yes
Rounds Per Box: 200rd in a mini ammo can.

AMMO INC 7.62X39 123GR FMJ, 200RD BOX, $134.95
AMMO INC 7.62X39 123GR FMJ, 200RD BOX

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