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Thank you for having us on your forum!

The Tactical Performance Center is dedicated to improving the tactical performance of those who use firearms. We use expert instructors and cutting edge methodology, scientific measurement tools and programs, video analysis in certain applications and equipment that supports our training methodology and helps increase performance in vital areas. You can be assured that your training experience will be second to none.

We believe that proper training demands honest and objective testing and measurement. This, combined with expert, laser directed training and equipment, will lead to a higher level of skill and performance.

You will be able to increase your performance dramatically and quickly. From there, you can continue to compare your skills, using our TPC Measurement, against the best in the world and be able to see if your training program is working or needs to change.

We believe we offer a more advanced level of performance training that will get you to your goals faster than any other system in use today.

Read more about our company here.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]
or visit our website at www.tacticalperformancecenter.com

Keep an eye out for our latest training classes!
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