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AK74 mags and pouches

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2 lots
#1 --- 2 EG & @ russian plums + 4 mag pouch and cleaning kit + blank firing adaptor to AK47(not pictured), not 74 14x1 LH WILL NOT Fit a Tantal, tried it's too short - $110 shipped

#2 --- 4 EG mags + EG 4 mag pouch + 4 stripper clips and spoon (still in paper) + cleaning kit and 74 blank adapter all in picture $115 shipped(SPF)

first post takes it please contact via email for payment USPS MO Only
I know I have a low post count but Red*Dawn will vouch for me that I'm a honest straight shooter!
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dibs on #1. whereabouts in PA are you?

I'm moving to Fort Meade in MD, but would be happy to meet up if you're within a couple hours of the Baltimore area. that way you won't have to worry about the "illegal to sell, purchase, or transfer in-state" crap MD does.

ownership/use is fully legal of high-caps, but you just can't get 'em in the state. so silly.
Still avaible haven't heard back from first reply Armed Ferret
My sincerest apologies, gamebore. I made that post and then we got so involved with the move out here to Meade from Nebraska that I never got time to check back in on the thread.

Very sorry for that!!

I'm still interested in the bakelites, but have to put gun stuff on a back burner of sorts for a bit. If someone else wants 'em, they can have them, but if they're still available in a few weeks i'd like to drive up to PA and pick up if that's okay with you.

MD is really silly on their laws--can't buy/sell/transfer them in-state, but out of state transactions aren't illegal, nor is ownership. *shrug*
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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