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AK74 Early Build Questions

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Thinking about doing a early 74 build. I love the look of the very early angled gas block on the 74. :cool:

Are there any AK74 RSBs available that would clone an early Soviet 74 block, or would an early clone build have to settle with an incorrect cast Bulgarian block?

Also, will a cast AKM gas block fit/work on an Bulgarian 74 barrel?

Oh, and this forum and its members are awesome. :hail:
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I'm using a WASR2 since it has the Early AK74 type rear sight block , upper hand gaurd lever and AKM gas block.

If you use a Bulgarian barrel you'll need to weld the old gas port and drill a new one.

Progress so far...

Still havn't pressed the front sight all the way and finished pinning them both.
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