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For Sale:
-Bulgarian AK-105 Clone
-Caliber 5,45x39
-built by myself on Nodak Spud NDS-2SF receiver with Bulgarian Markings (1 US part)
-Fully 922r Compliant

Parts Used:
-Kvar Bulgarian 105 Factory barrel assembly with drilled gas port.
-Bulgarian 4.5mm trunnion and triangle stock
-Correct Bulgarian scope rail
-Correct Bulgarian 500m rear sight leaf
-Bulgarian Matching #s Bolt, Carrier, Trunnion, Dust cover
-Bulgarian recoil spring
-CNC worrior barrel shroud
-Kvar US made Handguards and Pistol Grip (BLACK) (2 US Parts)
-Tapco G2 FCG (3 US Parts)

Built, headspaced using AK builder and Manson go/no-go gauges, test fired, sand blasted, parkerized, and painted in HK black.

NOT a hack job build. Every thing was done properly and functions perfectly.

Only thing unfinished is I have not drilled and pinned the front sight gas block that came installed from KVar. Upon test firing, I noticed it was slightly canted to the left. I do not want to attempt straightening it and risk bending the barrel. Any capable builder can correct this easily. As this is unfinished, the price will reflect that. I know what it takes to correct this and its not hard, I just dont have the time. So as a builder special, WAY below what it costs to build this, I will sell this for $800 plus $36 shipped and insured.

Please make sure your FFL will accept from an individual as I am not an FFL but can go through an FFL for a fee.

USPS money order or bank certified cashiers check only please.

Will only Ship where legal so please know your state laws.

PM me your email for pictures and any questions you might have.


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