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AK Receiver sideplates

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Just stumbled across this website and saw this receiver kit in plates

How are these things assembled? Bolted? welded? crazy glued? (kidding...)

Has anybody had experince with these? Website is :
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They're welded. I wonder how thick they are? For a milled build? Or at least for the bottom plate. At $30 its hard to go wrong.
The top rail still needs to be bent. The ones I saw, were so thick that you couldn't run a carrier down them without machining something(carrier or rail area).

Looked to me like more work/trouble in the long run.
They are huge, .125 thick. Way more trouble than they're worth
dyi said:
At $30 its hard to go wrong.
For a milled repair plate bottom plate.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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