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I have a few items I no longer need as I have sold the rifle.

Unissued Molot 45 round Bakelite set with Russian RPK74 pouch 250$ SPF

Unissued East German Bakelite 4 mags with raindrop pouch 140$ SPF

Izhmash Plums 4 unissued 40$ a piece 4 used 30$ a piece SPF

Laminate hand guards 45$ Sold

Unissued Bulgarian black bayonet 30$ Sold

Black Russian sling 10$ Sold

Russian Tourniquet and bandage(makeshift cheek rest for a triangle folder) 20$

PO3.5X21 Illuminated retical 5.45 calibrated 500$ SPF

If you are local to me I also have nearly 4k rounds of 7n6 at .16 a round, ammo is cross posted SPF

Have questions ask, I will not ship to states that have outlawed these items. Shipping charges will be USPS actual costs I will accept PayPal if fees are covered or gift or USPS money orders.

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