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Well it took me over a LONG time to get this shipped from Russia. Now that I have it, I am forced to sell 1 of the 2 I ordered to pay bills. I can take some better pics on Monday if you require, my Digi cam is at the office so I had to resort to a camera phone. If you pay via paypal, you can have this stock in your hands next week. I have seen them sell for more than I am asking, so please no negative comments about the price. If you want one of these stocks ASAP this is the only way i have seen to get one.

300 Shipped

It appears to have never been used, but has some small marks likely from being shipped/unpacked/shipped again. I would imagine anybody building with this will have the metal painted/parked to match the rifle anyways.

This includes the stock, the forward latch and hardware, the rear tunnion/hinge, all springs, and russian rivits.

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