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I am getting ready, with the idea, of gunkoting or duracoating my PSLs, the fuzzy park job is nice, but I just dont see them as attaining collector status like a Dragunov or SVT40 or something. So I figured Id put some good thick black on them.

No oven though, may wait till I am in Houston to start the project as I have no way to cure the paints.
I dont see myself regretting this one day down the road.

Bubbu-ing my first SKS in 1994, yes, big regrets. Gunkoting PSLs, hmmm naaa. Any nay-sayers out there with a compelling reason I should not?

So I tested the Iwata airbrush, bought just before 9/11 and never used due to me never being home. Got some air hose parts and HF and was good to go.

Being a label freak and even labelling the label machine "label machine", I set out on stencilling my ammo cans and even the cat. "FELINE 1each"

I wanted to mark my scopes that were zero'd to each rifle in something other than label tape so the airbrush did a nice job. As well as my mags too, the sentcil is 1/8" and so small only a fine particle sprayer like an Airbrush can do it right.

Work so far:

And since the 5.45 SW upper has only the barrel stamp on it, I marked the heck out of this in good sized font

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