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AESIO-B w/Drag style stock

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Is it possible to attach a Dragonov style stock to an AESIO-B? If so where do I locate a stock, I'm trying to build something on the Tabuk style mainly for the reason that the things can reach out better than a shorter barreled AK. Is there a different rear trunnion for bolting the stock into the receiver?
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The stock will be a direct replacement.

I have two spare PSL/SVD type stocks, I'd upload a picture but my internet is running too slow.
If you use the "PSL-style" stock taken from a WASR series, yes, direct replacement. An actual PSL stock has a radiused back corner and will NOT work.
Thanks for the info, I do appreciate any help I can get at this point, received my ARS built rifle today and am very happy with his work. I think building one of the AES10's into a Drag style ought to be a good challenge and should prove to a weapon capable of slightly better accuracy than the standard length barrel.
Thanks, I'll keep you in mind. Currently working on two deals at once, just recieved a Romy built by M. Graham, I think he did a good job, haven't fired it yet, later this week.
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