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ABC News Bans American Flag Pins

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ABC Bans American Flag Pins

Verified 6-20-08 @ 8:18PM @ Snopes

Subject: ABC Bans American Flag Pins

Yesterday, the brass at ABC News issued orders forbidding
reporters to wear lapel pin American flags or other patriotic
Their reasoning was that ABC should remain neutral about

To check authenticity....

:evil: :evil: :evil:
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causes? what does ABC stand for anyways
so now patriotism is a "cause" :roll: interesting.
heartbreakridge01 said:
causes? what does ABC stand for anyways
Apparently, "A Bunch of Commies"? :twisted:
send an email, tell them how you feel

I thought it was a product placement infomercial.
I never watch that crap.
so when will they issue the mandatory Iranian pins?
My response on their on-line news web sight - under "contact/comments."

Their was/is only a 500 character limit...

"I received information about your corporate managers "banning" of American Flag lapel pins on your programming - allegedly because your organization doesn't want to show any favoritism in "causes." Since when did being patriotic ever become a cause?! I will never watch your programming again, I will suggest that others do not either. I am researching your sponsors and informing them I will not buy their products as a result of your decision. Remember who responds when dial 911. Get [email protected]#Ked!!!"

I never did watch their programming - :roll:

I maxed it out... :evil:
Other than Fox News. the only other TV show I watch is "The Unit".
After this, I think of ABC as "the unit". :mrgreen:
Fuck ABC, Fuck their sponsors, Fuck their Liberal "Cause".

They actually think of American Flag as a Cause?:mad: :mad: :mad:

ABC= Assholes Broadcasting Crap

If there are any patriotic ABC reporters they will be wearing Gadsden flag pins. Hopefully their bosses won't notice.
Does anybody else parallel this to Obama refusing to wear an American Flag pin???
dale914 said:
Does anybody else parallel this to Obama refusing to wear an American Flag pin???
Apparently they missed the huge uproar that the not wearing of the pin caused

...They can suck a rancid cock and die.. freaking idiots.
According to the Snopes article this did happen, but occurred immediately after 9/11. So this seems to be old news. :neutral:
i find this disturbing. i think its time i order some very offensive t shirts to counter what they are trying to force down our throats.
Does anybody else parallel this to Obama refusing to wear an American Flag pin???
My first thought exactly when I read it; I guess they must support their ... well, candidate (for lack of a better term ...).

Just my opinion, but anyone who lives in this country, and avails themselves of the luxuries and benefits available here ( largely made so by the blood of all who have gone before to make it safe and free ) but who will NOT wear an indication of their patriotism and love of the country which gives them said safety and sustenance are ungrateful wretched cowards and traitors and are not fit to take up one square foot of the dirt of this great land. Let them go to those whose communist/socialist ideals they love so well. As a founding father so aptly put it: "may their chains sit lightly upon them, let them bow down and lick the hand that feeds them, and may we forget that they ever were our countrymen".

Just my .02.
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