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A question about compliance

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I'm asking for a friend because everything I own is compliant.

If you had an AK that was assembled in the USA IN 2003. But sold as a single stack and twenty years later converted into a double stack. Would that rifle now need other parts to bring it into compliance?
And if so, would the addition of American made buttstock, trigger grip, foregrips and an entirely American made whole trigger group bring such rifle into compliance?
Because my friend wants to always be 100% compliant. But the rules seem pretty vague for a novice gun collector.
Thank you for your insight
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Write the local ATF field office a detailed letter including clear pics, "friend's" address and day phone.
Post response....easy peasy
I don’t believe this law was ever meant to apply to individuals with AKs in their possession
Its meat for harassing manufacturers who build from parts kits.
That aside
If an individual ever does get charged w a violation it’s going to be because your in a jackpot for something else at the same time.
Rare to impossible is it to find anyone that comes up on you that knows what they’re looking at.
If somethings in question theyre going to take your property and have it inspected by their in house idiot and you’ll probably never get it back.

How do I know this?
They took 7 AK from me for having full auto selector markings
They assumed they were actual real full auto AKs and seized them for testing.

The criminals that run law enforcement may tolerate you owning firearms and play nice to get your vote but make no mistake ,they'll strip you of them the first chance they get.
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They assumed they were actual real full auto AKs and seized them for testing.
Did you get them back?
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