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A little sage advice..PLEASE....lol

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I am buying a great rifle from Troy at INRANGE-no sights which is fine
i want to put a nice red-dot on it.Now here is the run with that Ultimak
gas cover eye relief is an issue so i need something with no eye relief.

I KNOW an EO Tech would be the BEST-but i cant do that right now.Just trying to see if anyone else on here has had any luck.

This is going to be a SHTF gun it WILL be shot-taken care of-but it will not be coddled-no abuse but i want it to work when it has to.

Thanks in advance.
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Aimpoint, if you can swing the price.

You'll reevaluate whether EOTech is really the best.
BillSXT2002 said:
Aimpoint, if you can swing the price.

You'll reevaluate whether EOTech is really the best.
+1 the eotech will ride too high anyway.

Aimpoint a bit pricey but worth it.
On the Aimpoints

I thought they had like 3.5 in eye relief..?Am i reading the wrong stuff.?
Which Aimpoint i have been looking at them--they have A TON of models

I dont want or need any type of 2x-4x or anything like that.
If it was for my AK, I'd look at the Micro ones, T-1 or H-1. Which one you want depends on how much waterproofing really matters to you. One you can submerge in deeper water. Truthfully, for civilian use, any Aimpont will be fine.

The regular ones might be too big for an ultimak, I'm not sure. If you get a full size, I really like my M4 on my AR, it takes regular AA batteries and lasts for something like 7 years. The M2 & M3 are the older versions and take a button cell battery, and the ML2 & ML3 are the less expensive versions and less-waterproof versions of the M2 and M3.

Edited to add: The magnified versions might have eye relief issues, but the standard no magnification ones do not.
Update--was going Eo Tech But checked the Aimpoint out

And the rifle im getting from IN RANGE is a small 74' EO Tech would
have been to much picked up an Aim Point instead.

Cant wait to get it the range.
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