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i thought there would be more appreciation for this topic down here .

just before the big foot came out of the sky and squashed me last year , i was toying with some ideas and never got to fully finnish . i was just fooling around to satify some cuiosities so , didnt keep exact records .

had some success DOWNLOADING the factory 762x39 Wolf 154gr SPBT load too 1300fps with the original powder that still gave good weapon function . it was fairly accurate at 100M . lower velocity loads with the same powder caused some smoke . the idea with this type of load in the 1300fps range is much reduced blast compared to nominal ammo . from the perspective of the target 100M away the bullet impact noise almost equals muzzle blast noise . it was a cheap expriment too boot !

useing the same bullet with other powders at subsonic velocities got suprizingly good accuracy compared to other experiments with other rifle bullets . it wasnt suprizing after running its numbers threw a bullet drag and twist calculator .

so i says to myself , " what about this bullets bigger brother ?"


sure enough , a trip to JBM revieled that even in the below sonic muzzle velocity range , where other such heavyweight bullets can not keep pointfirst , this one still maintains a stablity factor of 1.8 . note the fat stubby nose-profile . another make similar too the Wolf bullet above holds a 1.6 factor threw subsonic MV range even though its a boat tail .


these bullets both have , comparitivly, very high subsonic BC .

it may be a little expensive thinking of pulling 762x54r bullets from new ammo for 762x39 subsonic loads but , its something to consider given

1) they are the correct dia. for accuracy in 7.62x39 and to fill the grooves preventing blow-by

2) they are the perfect length over all and have a suitable nose profile for feeding in 762x39 semi-auto weapons (when deep seated in a 762x39 case) . unlike a reversed spbt bullet or a bullet with a too long nose profile for proper seating .

3) they have good stability factors for 1 in 9.45 twist at subsonic MV reducing experimentation / load developement .

4) heavyweight gives reliable functioning at below subsonic loads

5) they are widely available

6) you can always load something else into the empty , primed '54r cases .
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