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Nevermind, building a few and trading/parting out all the rest.......

1) 86 Tula Krink kit, V5 barrel, Nodak Receiver and fake can. Got 2 just like that. Matching kits.

2) Got 2 other 86 Tula krink kits that I sold off the 5.45X39 trunions, the bolts and the carriers. Otherwise they are matching. I have Hungarian 7.62X39 trunions, bolts and carriers for them. Also they have cut down 7.62X39 barrels (they seem fairly close to being correctly profiled, nothing is too small)/ I also have the correct Nodak receivers and fake cans for them. Looking back, this was probably a bad idea.

3) And I have 2 other kits. Yugo M85s, virgin kits, the chrome lined barrels that were out there for a while. The correct Nodak receivers and fake cans

Anyhow, what is fair in this market for each of these kits? I plan on selling off at least 1/2 of this stuff.

Thanks much
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