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5.56 in AKM fact VS fiction. IT WORKS!! kinda....

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Well, here's the scoop on the old legend Of the ak system (ak47 akm etc.) being able to use 5.56 nato in it in a pinch. I was at the range testing my just built AK47 (yes, a hungarian milled) and We decided to give the old myth a test. here were our results.

fact- the bolt Will close all the way and lock into position if the handle is pulled back and the carrier slams home on its own accord.

fact- the bolt will not seat all the way and lock closed if you guide the carrier closed by hand, the diameter of the casing at the neck is somewhere between 8-9.5 MM and will not fit into a 7.8ish barrel unless it's slammed home. the brass is soft and will fit, steel casings i wouldn't try.

fact-the primer will be hit, and the round will be fired.

fact- it won't be very fast, Ie roughly as much energy on impact as .22

fact-it WILL NOT cycle the system on it's own accord.

fact-you must hand cycle once again to eject, the casing didn't stick and this was done easily. and ejection does happen.

So our conlusion?

yes it will be fired, no it won't do this SEMI-FULL auto, it has to be hand cycled after each shot. and lethality is questionable at best BUT I still wouldn't want to get hit with this while 2-3 meters away from shooter. so you can't say wether the myth is busted or not, but you can lay the facts out. :neutral:

anybody else try this? what was they're results? i remember people commenting but I don't remember anybody who actually did this. anybody try this with a chrono? muzzle velocity would be nice to know.
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This is not good for your gun or your face. While it may work, I wouldn't try it anymore.
...nothing like a bit of chlorine in the gene pool.....
hey_hi_its_me_vlad said:
Well, here's the scoop on the old legend Of the ak system (ak47 akm etc.) being able to use 5.56 nato in it in a pinch.
What do you mean "old legend"? I was watching ABC news when I was a kid (25 years ago) and they bemoaning how we would lose if the Eastern Block invaded western Europe. They said that our ammo would work in their rifles but not the other way around. So, it must be true.
hmmm.... don't think it'd damage the weapon any, no real pressure is created. do agree it's a stupid idea, but hey, life goes on.
When I was a young GI in the '80s, the 'our ammo will work in their guns, but their ammo will not work in our guns' myth was perpetuated on me. At the time, I believed it. Now, I know better.

I think it's great that you did this, as I still hear people repeat this myth. That is, as long as you took precautions to protect your mug.
this i did, wasn't shooting and aiming, was shooting from the hip with gun rolled clowise enough to clear any part of my body from any failure relating to top cover/bolt carrier/rear trunnion failure. not interested in gettting hurt, just wanted to see whats BS and whats not. It's mostly BS, but it works enough to start rumors and so forth.
I know one thing, a 5.45 round mixed in with 5.56, when chambered in an AR, will jam you plum out the f'n fight.
Question- what type of ammo were you using? A buddy of mine tried the same thing, it fed I think 3 rounds semi-auto but left mangled casings. A lot of things in this instance can make a difference including the pressure of the ammo, the weight, hell maybe the barrel was dirtier or the gas port cleaner or the recoil spring weaker. But I just wanted to know for reference.

To everyone else... it isn't like the plague. It could potentially damage the weapon, but its his gun. As far as safety, he already stated it, but I was sure even reading it that he wouldn't fire the damn thing normally, aiming with it in front of his face. Side bar... I hope no one who condemned him was a smoker or heavy drinker. :neutral:
I've found what vlad posted to be true also. It happened to me, though not of my own accord.

Went out shooting with a few friends earlier this summer, shooting ak's chambered in 5.56 and 7.62. The ammo cans were right next to one another and apparently a round of wolf 5.56 spilled over into the wolf 7.62 can. It was inadvertantly loaded up in a mag of 7.62 that was handed to me to fire.

Was'nt the first round, so it was under full cycle and forward momentum of the bolt/carrier. Didnt quite chamber (damn close though!) Performed immediate action...nothing. Held bolt open to further inspect, and saw space surrounding an almost fully seated (but much smaller) casing. The light bulb in my head instantaniously lit to life.

Gave it a few forcefull taps with the cleaning rod, and went about our day.
the ammo was lake city military ammo, 55gr mangled the brass real bad, fire-formed it and split. technically.......a competent gunsmith with the right hardware could turn a case Of 5.56 into 5.45. but it's a lot of work and you'd have to be real desperate. pull bullets and re-size to .221 from .224. pour powder into a container and cut and re-shape the brass and re-prime and re-powder and re-seat bullet. do-able, hey, the hadji make their own ammo for handguns from random crap, so why not the ak74?
well for starters we don't live in mud huts nor do we have to act like it
eh. guess so.
When I test new loads in rifles , I tie my gun to a old tire an rig up a string to the trigger. I still have my eyes!

A four wheeler will also suffice for the tire :mrgreen: And it looks cool!
Why risk your gun and safety to test it??? :roll: :neutral:
Do not replicate this test, you will risk your life and safety in doing so.
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