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SPF on both drop me a message if you are interested in another I can put a couple more together.

I built these on unpopulated Russian RPK/Vepr Sight leaves. The apertures are Nylon12 material and pretty rugged for what they are (if someone is interested in CNCing them let me know). I was trying to capture the RPK16/AK12 feel. These of course will be sitting further forward so the aperture sight has been opened up in comparison to those variants. I grabbed a couple pictures kinda giving you an idea of the eye relief dead on and off center/capturing the front sight ears on my AKM See below...

$60 $55 each shipped, I might put a few more together if you guys are interested. I've got a neat project down the road kinda tied in to this I'll share with you guys soon. I'm setup with Venmo/Paypal and I have not tested my Zelle yet but I've got it...



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