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This add will be crossposted, so timestamps do matter. All marketplace rules apply. I can accept Postal money order, Personal check (item will be held until the funds clear, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, and (my preferred option) Paypal (goods & services = +4%, or Friends & family = 0 additional costs). If paying digitally, put NO GUN WORDS in the comment box. Shipping will be based on the smallest flat rate box or padded envelope that I can fit it into. If it is odd-shaped I will try and get it into a smaller box to save as much as possible on shipping. If desired, insurance will be extra, as I will not be held liable for lost packages. I have not had one go missing yet, but there is always that chance. Both rifles will ship from my In-Laws in New Mexico. FFL must accept transfer from private seller. First unconditional “I’ll take it" gets it. Both rifles are packaged, ready to ship, and in possession of my in-laws who are unable to take additional photos. I apologize in advance, but I am happy to answer any questions you may have about either rifle.

1. VEPR 308 - This one has had a lot of work to convert it to a 16" battle rifle, just lost interest in finishing it. I am the second owner and do not have a full round count, I have put 50-100 rounds through it. Most work has been by Matt Yeamans (Turbothis).

To be fair, there is some finishing work to be done, but everything is teed up for someone who has more time to take this all the way home. Back to front as follows — Circle10 Slant Triangle stock - $100, HK sights ($50), welded straight, Smoothest factory vepr action I have experienced, feels polished, but has not, to my knowledge. Hogue grip ($30), Carolina shooter supply VEPR forend ($120) with Picatinny bottom rail with Magpul AFG and Magpul MSA MOE sling attachment, and Harris bipod attachment screw. All told about ($100) for everything else on the forend. Barrel shortened and crowned to 12.5", threaded to 5/8x24 and had a 4.5" brake from alumaliteUSA ($65) pinned and welded. All machine work was ($400). I have about $950 all told in mods wrapped up in this rifle, I paid $850 for the base VEPR six years ago. Total = $1800 (Pre-Ban prices) + I have two sets of factory Molot mags, 3x ProMag 20 rounders, and 1x CSS gen 1 10 rounder - most have not even been loaded - totaling around $350 in mags.

I simply have lost interest in VEPR 308 platforms. I will let the full package go for $1800 Shipped to your FFL. Base VEPRs are going close to this now, let alone the extra $1300 in work and magazines.

2. VEPR 308 squreback with type 2 sights. I am the second owner, the first stated he had only a couple hundred through it, and I put 10 through it. The first owner had most of the work don't to this one. Barrel to buttstock work as follows; Barrel cut to 18", face trued and threaded to 5/8x24, claw flash hider ($40), removed factory handguard retainer ring ( I don't know why), Fast charge bolt handle ($20), had the full rifle finished in a grey alumahide, I have not had any issues with the finish. (previous machine and coating work was about ($300). The buttstock was given an SVD cut by Zrecto and given a special cutout for the Russian shaprshooter badge embedded in the stock ($100 total), I square cut a new checkered slant stock, fit and finished in minwax dark walnut. Forend is finished in the same stain, about ($100) for the stain work if hired out.

Now the bad, the squarecut where the grip meets the stock has cracked, its a little rough, but would be easy to sand down. It doesn't affect your grip, or strength in the stock Second, The handguard also has a crack about 1/4 of the way down one side. Both cracks have been glues and are solid, but they are present.

All told this rifle has about $1400 in it (Pre-Ban pricing). Also included is 1x 5 round, 1x 10 round factory Molot mags, 1x 5 round, 1x 10 round CSS gen 1 mags, and 4x ProMag 20 round mags, valued at around $350. I will let the full package go for $1700 Shipped to your FFL.

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