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The very first batch they had was loaded in Winchester brass...and judging by the size/shape of the carton in the picture compared to the carton I got a batch of Olin(Winchester) M855 in earlier this year, I'm going to go out on a limb and hazard a guess that it's made by Olin/Winchester...

Of course, I might be wrong...but I'm reasonably confident about my guess...

On further review, he headstamp in the picture says, "M193" but there isn't any primer crimp evident, so I'd say it's only loaded to SAAMI .223 pressure...in other words, not true M193 mil-spec.

Reports from those on "TOS" who've actually bought some and posted range reports indicate that it's very accurate and very clean burning.

IMHO, it appears to be top-notch ammo...but I'd purchase the Prvi-Partizan M193 ammo that Wideners has for the same price first...it's true mil-spec M193 ammo. Should Wideners run out or raise the price of the Prvi-Partizan , then I'd jump on the stuff that AIM Surplus has.

Either one is good stuff and worth adding to your ammo supply.

Just my $0.02...YMMV.
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