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2 thirty rounders left loaded for 19 years - to the range ..

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It's getting about time someone once again posts asking if leaving mags loaded will screw em up ...... so .......

19 years ago I loaded 2 Chinese 30 round mags with the idea of seeing how they functioned a few years latter ..... well I never got around to checking till today ..... (ok, I always meant to but forgot to bring em along usually)

1st mag, 30 rounds with 2 - 3 seconds between each round, no problems.

2nd mag, 30 rounds as fast as my milled Mak would spit em, no problems.

All rounds were Russian hollow points, circa 1989

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Yup, I did the same thing about 4 years ago with some Chicom mags I know were loaded in 1986.
I never thought it wouldn't work, but thanks for the update!

I loaded up some mags myself just for giggles, so since you did 19, I'm goin for 50.

I'll get back to you (and the forum) then.
"THAT", is reliability, from the mags, ammo and the gun!
+1....If that spring was ever going to take a "set" it would have done so by now !!
When people tell me about mag springs taking a "set" I ask how many 30 year old cars have had to have their suspension springs replaced for sitting too long?
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