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When you are looking at a Tabuk versus a Yugoslavian, the biggest things to look for are as follows:

1.) Rear sight block will have the Lion of Babylon engraved on the left side with "Tabuk 7.62x39mm" engraved on the right side in English. (The same phrase will be engraved in Arabic along with the lion on the left side.) However, some Tabuks will only have "Tabuk 7.62x39mm" engraved sloppily on the left side of the receiver instead.
2.) Selector markings and grenade launching marks (if so equipped) will be in Arabic.
3.) The pistol grip is a unique shape and has circular mold release marks towards the top instead of the common part number found on Yugo grips.
4.) The wood tends to be more broad grained and will not have stamped stock numbers like Yugo guns.
5.) They have unique serial and date sequences
6.) Build quality is generally poorer than Yugo produced rifles.

I am planning to do a comparison photo shoot between this rifle and an equivalent 1990 M70B3 in my collection tp further highlight the differences in the rifles as produced from the same era.

Thank you very much sir. Can't wait to see the photo comparison. Really appreciate the detailed insight.
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