In search of a correct selector lever for an 86’ Tula AKS-74U.

I’ve been on the hunt for a while and I need your help. For those of you that would have this selector, you probably already know what you have and what makes it correct. However, for those unfamiliar with some of the specific details of the correct selector, they are as follows: Flat (not domed) pivot cap, with either a “Stepped Bevel” or “Fanned” crimp around the pivot cap, and the rear stamped contour begins and ends in-line with the middle of the pivot cap. There will also be a Tula proof mark on the inside of the lever. They commonly have a smooth and slightly shinier paint than Izzy mfg. Take-off selectors will have three numbers electro-penciled onto the top part of the right facing side. A selector from an armorer’s supply won’t have any numbers (preferred). The interrupter will be cast, and continuous from top to bottom, without a hole in the middle of it.

Please let me know if you have a correct selector, or if you’ve got a lead on someone that does. Willing to pay according to condition.

Thank You!

Automotive tire Bicycle part Bumper Rim Line

Automotive tire Bicycle part Line Font Rim

Tire Bumper Automotive tire Automotive exterior Font

Photos were taken from recent listings of AKS-74U kits for sale on GB.