For sale is this minty 1983 AK74 rifle built by BR7.62. The kit, builder and receiver are now impossible to get, so here is another one-time chance to score an unobtanium piece.

-Final style Riggs/74ullc receiver with updated, correct small selector stamps
-100% matching (receiver serial number different from the matching rifle parts)
-Techno paint
-BR7.62 build
-Pulled Bulgarian 5.45 AK74 barrel (the only correct profile barrel for early 80's Soviet AK74)
-Original fixed stock furniture with inspector proof stamps in tact
-OG paint and finish on all parts. Receiver + barrel painted with Techno paint to match
-Less than 100 rounds fired through the rifle

Theres not much to say other than this is a moon rock in todays market. Please see attached videos below for a better in-depth look at the rifle:

Here are some photos of the rifle with a Tula counterpart (not included);

White Green Air gun Trigger Line

Wood Trigger Bumper Gas Gun accessory

Trigger Air gun Gas Gun accessory Cylinder

Trigger Air gun Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

Musical instrument String instrument accessory String instrument Musical instrument accessory String instrument

Trigger Gun accessory Air gun Gas Composite material

And 2 crappy photos taken today to show you its exact state as of this posting:

Because the rifle has been shot, you can expect some standard light wear on the bolt face and piston just like any AK that has ever been shot. The wood will have minor handling and storage wear from when it was demilled, so please be happy with what you're purchasing before committing. If you need photos of anything specific, please ask. Mag not included. This is sold as is, buyer needs to be happy.

$8000 $7500 shipped CONUS where legal to own via USPS. FFL must accept from individual. Insurance optional at cost, but keep in mind shipping companies wont honor firearm insurance in most cases. Buyer and I will discuss payment options. It will take a few days to get a box and get it properly packed up before sending, so please be patient. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own a rifle of this caliber for many, so don't let it pass by.