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1974 Izzy kit ( Saddam special) from Commen92

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Hey guys I picked up another kit from Commen on AK files. This one has all the cool cast parts, amazing proofs and an awesome serial # . His kits are not beater specials like Atlantic. Super MINTY
Musical instrument Musical instrument accessory Wood String instrument accessory Tool

Air gun Wood Sleeve Trigger Shotgun

Revolver Wood Gesture Gadget Eyewear

Violin family Musical instrument Wood Guitar accessory String instrument

Wood Trigger Gun accessory Gun barrel Bumper

Air gun Line Wood Trigger Red

Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Trigger Auto part

Wood Material property Shotgun Tints and shades Wood stain

Light Wood Line Wood stain Gas

Wood Bumper Gun accessory Air gun Automotive exterior
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Good find! What does something like this cost these days? I tried to find it on the files and if I’m being nosey, I apologize. Beautiful kit!
We have a few on the site......
I wasn’t familiar with the username. I thought it was an individual selling their kits. Thanks 😊
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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