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Here are some photos of my 1970 Tula kit. Bolt, carrier, top cover, and gas tube match. Trunnion doesn't match, but is also 1970 Tula with the same serial number prefix as the other parts, which is much better than a trunnion from a different serial number range. Trunnion is H(backwards N)4924 and the other parts are H(backwards N)8567, so the rifle the numbered parts are from was built 3,643 rifles after the one the trunnion is from. The left barrel pin hole on the trunnion has been egged out a little at the top, so it will require an oversize barrel pin.

This is one of the kits from "American Tactical", and has the parts checklist dated 9-29-10.

Rear sight assembly, pistol grip, and selector lever are all Tula. Not sure about the other parts.

I currently have this rifle listed for sale on the Marketplace forum here, if anyone is interested.

Any comments or insights would be appreciated.
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