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$750 plus shipping

Rifle is located in Ga. Payment is by money order or cashier check. Your FFL must accept from an individual.

The Reason why this rifle is a builders special is once the rifle was built it functioned flawless. The rifle has had the bolt and bolt carrier taken out and used in another rifle. I have since placed a Romanian bolt and bolt carrier in the rifle, but have not test fired or checked for headspace. Purchaseser should have rifle headspaced. The receiver was demilled from another rifle and used on this 69 Mutt. There are a few cosmetic flaws in the receiver which could be corrected with a nice blast and refinish. Functionally speaking the receiver is sound. Again the rifle functioned flawless before I took out the bolt and bolt carrier to be used in another build. If you have any questions please feel free to pm. Magazine is not included in sale.

Most part were taken from the recent Tula AKM kits. Breakdown of the rifle parts:

Furniture: Tula laminate
Receiver: NDS-1 (Russian AKM selector marking done by Mario (POHF)
Barrel: Romanian chrome lined AKM barrel
FSB: Soviet
Gasblock: Soviet milled
Gas tube: Soviet
LHGR: Soviet milled
RSB: Soviet
Bolt: Romanian
Bolt carrier: Romanian
Rear Trunnion: Soviet donut style
Front Trunnion: 69 Tula AKM ПН 7481
Top cover: Soviet ХП 259
Selector: ? Don't think it's Russian, but don't know??
Recoil spring: Romanian
pistol grip and nut/bolt: Russian
Trigger groups: G2
Trigger guard/selector stop: Romanian

Trunnion pic

Pics below show cosmetic marks on barrel. Hard to see once refinished. Handguards cover marks.

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