1967 Izhmash kit - an excellent AKML build candidate with a 3-dotted PG mold, 3 number serial, and uncommon year perfect for the 1967 AKML reproduction rail available from the machinist in Poland (the repro rail is believed to only be correct for that year). Kit comes with the AKML rail and an early Izhmash 6x4 bayonet. A more detailed post is here and I can answer any questions upon request. 6 matching numbers. $1725

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1968 Tula kit - an RGuns kit with Tula everything (to my knowledge) except for the wood (I have stocks sets available too, see below). I spent a lot of time sourcing all of the Tula parts for this kit. Here is a more detailed thread, but do note that not everything in that thread is included in this WTS. You can inquire about extra parts not for sale here (like the rear trunnion or sight leaf). The bayonet is marked 862 which matches the last 3 of the serial. 8 matching numbers if you count the bayonet. $1675

I also have 2 Tula stock sets, one 68 mold Tula bakelite magazine, one upside down 6-2 mold grip, and a 1969 marked sling. Buyer of the 1968 Tula kit gets first dibs on all of these since they pair well with the kit.

Feel free to ask questions. Thanks!