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1964 Non-G Romy rear trunion *SPF*

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I have a 1964 Non-G Romy rear trunion. $35 shipped
Thanks, glocklon

U.S. Postal money orders only. Thanks!
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Price drop $25 shipped.
glocklon said:
Price drop $25 shipped.

Is it solid, I.E., no holes drilled in the lower shelf of the trunnion?

If so, I'll take it.
Yes it is solid. It has the half circle shape on each side, instead of the hole in the middle. It is the correct rear trunion for a early Romy Non-G. Send me a pm with your address and I will box it up for you. thanks, glocklon
Darn, needed that. Put me down for seconds please. Thanks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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