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1954 Romanian M44 Mosin Nagant

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This was my first gun ever. Bought it at a gun show for $60. And I just realized yesterday I dont have any good pictures of it :razz:

Anyways, it's a 1954 Romanian M44 made at Cugir. That's all I know about it. It's a great shooter, is heavily worn and used, but still very accurate. The stock looks like crap, the metal has almost no finish, but it's still beautiful to me.

Also, there's a name carved in both sides of the stock. I can't really read it but it looks like "MARIHELH" then "TELE" below it on the left side, and just "MARIHELH" on the right. Might be "MARIHELA" but can't be sure. Also, on the right side, it looks like there's something lightly scratched above it, but I can't read it. Anyone have any idea what it says and what it could mean? A name?

Left side:

Right side:

Receiver markings:

Anyone know what "RPR" in the wreath means?

And finally, old carbine meets new carbine/submachinegun:

Enjoy! :mrgreen:
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that rifle is beat!but i like it.my 1st m44 is a total beater but it shoots great.i used to keep it in the trunk of my camaro before i got my ccw.
Blanco_Diablo said:
Anyone know what "RPR" in the wreath means?
People's Republic of Romania
Cool rifle. I don't think I'm going to collect all the Mosin Nagants. I have the main three Russian ones and a Finn M91. Is that the correct sling for a Romy M44? It looks unique.
I like it. Its got that "character" look to it, which I've always been a sucker for.

A Romanian is the last M44 I need to round off my little gathering. So far I have.

Oh, I was gonna say also, I think the sling is Polish. Not positive though.
The Hungarian I used to have was in very similar shape.

I'm thinking that countries like Romania and Hungary didn't have the money to maintain secound line weapons like the Soviet Union did.
I love these old work horses, the patina on some of them are just beautiful
The sling looks to be a Russian SVT/PPSH sling. Also used on Russian Mosin Nagant as expedient sling but not really correct. The Romanian used a typical Mosin Maganrt sling in all leather including the "dog collars".
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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