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+1 for Promag 223 magazine

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I took out my Mak90 223 AK and ran it today with the Promag 30rnd 223 mag and the rifle ran perfect. It looks like I'll be buying more Promags at the next gunshow.
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Promag? Worked? Didn't break (yet)?


I was just looking at Promags AK side rail mount with a picatinny rail on top...WHAT JUNK! The thing was so loose (tried several on several different gun's mounts) that it had over 1/2" play left/right before cranked down -I could see they'd do just great under recoil & have a fine "zero return". :roll:

That, and the absolutely thoughtless design of the Promag SKS duckbill waffle...the one evidently designed & produced without EVER checking out if it works (it does not due to incorporatd design failures)...

Makes me wonder about ANYTHING these guys offer.

I've looked at their AK waffles and heard about the .223 waffle -I hear they may work, but are prone to break. The lack of any metal reinforcement in the mags leads to validate this.

They are cheap enough, I guess. but as long as I can come up with alternatives -I will.

LG :neutral:
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My MAK90 runs fine with the Promag. And has a lifetime warrantee. Good range mags if they work.
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