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#zastava yugo m70akm
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  1. Yugoslavian
    I recently got a yugo m70 parts kit, and its missing a few parts, if anybody knows where i can get a front bulged trunnion, rear trunnion and a barrel please let me know👌🏼
  2. Optics & Accessories
    So, I used to own a WASR-10 with an older revision of the Kobra sight. I loved the sight (especially the chevron reticule). I want something similar for a recently imported ZPAP M70 1.5mm, but I don't believe a Kobra will mount onto yugo style side-rail (am I wrong?). I've done a bunch of...
  3. Yugoslavian
    Ive Gotta ZASTAVA/Century Arms YUGO M70AKM!...(Id đź’“ MORE INFO About!!!) I Know Theres MILLIONS of AKs In Circulation in the World!... My YUGOs Serial # Is Under 1k!... I was Jus Wondering?... Some Facts about it!?...Chrome Lined or BLK NITRITE Coated Barrel?...Is there a Place I Could Upgrade &...
1-3 of 3 Results