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  1. RPK and RPD
    Hey guys and gals I have a question about a rpk I have a chance to get and would like to know what are your options and what you think the Value is its a zastava yugo m72b1 RPK imported from century arms but has a DC industries made in st paul stamped on the receiver I heard these are good guns...
  2. Yugoslavian
    Ive Gotta ZASTAVA/Century Arms YUGO M70AKM!...(Id đź’“ MORE INFO About!!!) I Know Theres MILLIONS of AKs In Circulation in the World!... My YUGOs Serial # Is Under 1k!... I was Jus Wondering?... Some Facts about it!?...Chrome Lined or BLK NITRITE Coated Barrel?...Is there a Place I Could Upgrade &...