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  1. WTS Yugo Mitchell Pre Ban Grips

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Yugo Mitchell Pre Ban Grips-Price Reduced Yugo Mitchell Pre Ban Grips Price Reduced to $100 Shipped TYD UPDATE QTY: Only #5 of the Best Pistol Grips Ever Made For Yugo’s Is Left! These Are Certainly The Cheapest & Best Upgrade For Your Yugo #1 SOLD #2 SOLD #3 SOLD #4 SOLD #6 SOLD #7 SOLD #8...
  2. WTS WTS:Various Military Items - CZ holster / Makarov holster / HK G3 mags + Pouch /Etc..

    Want to Sell - Non AK Firearms Related
    I have a few items for sale. These are posted here and on another platform. Items are sent from the UK with tracked shipping. All prices are plus shipping, please message me for shipping quotes. CZ 50/70 molded black leather holster (Genuine CZ marked): $25 Makarov Russian brown leather...
  3. ATI AT47 (M70B Parts Kit Build?) GEN2

    Hey All, So I saw this today, and am not to familiar with the ATI brand. Anyone own one of these things? Should I run away? I have always wanted a O-PAP or M70 build, but want to ask around before I pull the trigger. Low Price Guns | ATI Model AT47 Gen 2 7.62x39mm 16 Inch Barrel 1:10 Inch...
  4. WTS Yugo Parts

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Here i am selling some Yugo wartime AK parts. The front end of the parts kit is a bit too beat up for my skill level Wartime Barrel, block, grenade sight assembly - 100$ Stock - 40$ Yugo pre war style trunnion - 50$ Triggerguard hunk - 20$ Front sight - 40$ Wartime buttpad w/o cleaning kit...

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    As the title states i need some Yugo SKS BFAs and some rifle grenades for an upcoming event my group is having PM me or reply here, thanks!
  6. Hello! Zdravo! Hvala!

    New Member Introduction
    Hiya folks I've been a member for several years now, just sort of observing from the shadows. I'd like to officially say hello and thank you for all the valuable information i've discovered on the forum! I'm going to start contributing to threads and even asking advice here in the next few...
  7. Original yugo SKS optics.

    Optics & Accessories
    I embarked on a massive project a year or so ago. I won a yugo SKS on gunbroker with a unique mount base on its side. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I though it would be interesting to see if I could complete it. Well since i won the rifle I did about 6 months or so of...
  8. WTT yugo underfolding stock for fixed (OR WTB fixed stock)

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Howdy! I am gearing up for my first ak build and am on the hunt for a fixed stock for the M70. I got one of the underfolder kits from apex and have decided to go with a fixed stock. The UF that I have is in very good condition, almost looks new. I also have all of the necessary parts. Looking...
  9. Looks like Classic Firearms has some new Yugo SKS 59/66's!!

    https://www.classicfirearms.com/yugo-sks-semi-auto-excellent Love this weapon. Sure its not an AK, but I think its worth posting. They look great. The only issue is that price! :eek: Never thought we would be over $400 for these.
  10. 1983 Yugo M70 B1 (fixed, stamped) All Matching Kit with Orig Military Bbl Intact!

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    1983 Yugo M70 B1 (fixed, stamped) All Matching Kit with Orig Military Bbl Intact! Item #5... Up next, a Yugoslavian Zastava-built M70 B1, dated 1983, all matching original parts, Intact original military barrel with very good + rifling. This blued gun is an issued Balkan War veteran that...