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  1. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Works on M70 / M90 w/ hardware $225 shipped to lower 48
    $225 USD
  2. General Discussion
    Recently acquired a slant back yugo. And I was wondering if any companies made an adapter for it? I’ve tried google but can’t find anything? Thanks!
  3. Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    Payment accepted via Paypal F/F Please ensure this is all legal in your area. 1. Zastava ZPAP M70 Starter Pack: $1250 shipped to FFL -Current furniture: Serbian red with Yugo M70 grip -Like New, CHF-CL barrel variant -INCLUDES: Yugo sling, Magpul Zhukov stock w/hardware, Midwest Industries QD...
    $1,250 USD
  4. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Or trade possibly. the furniture is like new. I put it on my M70 then found a different battleworn set i like better on it. Plus shipping if sale. its been awhile since i was really active here but ive got a gb acount and also and ebay with over 200 positive and zero negative reviews.
    $120 USD
  5. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    This item is currently listed for sale on Gun Broker (only). Listing number 940750878. The opening bid was $250 with no reserve, but is currently $430. The auction ends this week (Friday 8/5 morning I believe). Not taking offers here, except, I do have an identical kit that I may part with based...
    $430 USD
  6. Yugoslavian
    Long story short, apexgunparts has them but they are out of stock. Zastava doesn’t even sell them and hasn’t for years unfortunately. Looking for the whole front sight block assembly with the pins and post.
  7. Want to Buy WTB Yugo RPK parts

    Want to Buy/Trade - Non AK Related
    In need of a rear sight block (or just the base), Gas tube, Lower hand guard, HG retainer, Bipod. Let me know if you got em! Thanks!
  8. Yugoslavian
    My bayonet and grip finally arrived from Apex, and I think it looks great so far. Any tips on getting Yugo surplus furniture?
  9. Field Gear & Bayonets
    So, I recently bought a Yugo AK bayonet from Apex and it came with preserving goo all over it (cosmoline I presume) I wiped it down with a microfiber cloth and then with a wet paper towel, but it wouldn’t come entirely off, and there’s still a lot in the sheath. How do I get it all off?
  10. Yugoslavian
    Hey, recently got my first AK (ZPAPM70), and I want to outfit it with Yugo M70 furniture as I wanna do a M70 build. I don't like how the wood on the Zastava USA ZPAP feels, and it think the Yugo furniture, which I presume has a lacquer on, would do much better for me. The metal buttplate it came...
  11. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    $715 SHIPPED & Insured OBO Unfired (aside from testing I assume), barreled NPAP Underfolder Parts kit. All numbers matching. I have a matching Childers receiver for this somewhere but will have to find it if you'd like to add that on later. I'll give you a great deal if you decide to do so...
    $715 USD
  12. Yugoslavian
    I recently bought a century M70AB2 and after looking at stamps online I don’t see photos with similar placement. There are no markings on the sides or trunnion only serial numbers. Can anyone shed some light on why they are under the receiver or if you have something similar
  13. Build It Yourself
    So i want to make airsoft m72 but i cant get new real barell for it i need to make it so is there anyone who can tell my where to put cut outs for pins and everything Sorry for bad english
  14. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Good afternoon all, Looking to get my hands on a Yugo underfolder rear trunnion. Seems like a standard euro spec (Polish/hunky) trunnion is the appropriate width; but lacks the correct length to reach the pre-drilled rivet holes.( I need a trunnion that is slightly longer than the standard euro...
    $1 USD
  15. Yugoslavian
    Hello, I was wondering if the traditional m70 gas blocks pulled from rifles will fit on the new zpaps? Or is there any fitment issues considering the zpap is the latest m70? Also does anyone know where I can get them that still has them in stock. Have only seen one from a private party for...
  16. General Discussion
    What’s up guys, just added a zpap to my collection. Still unsure what look I want to go with and mods/accessories. Torn between traditional yugo look, modern slightly tactical look or right in the middle. Leaning towards a little of both. Obviously I will go with what best fits me but I’m...
  17. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    For sale takeoff furniture from brand new M90: Zhukov sidefolder $95 Magpul pistol grip $25 Hogue handguard $45 Payment: pp ff, zelle money order Shipping included in the price
  18. Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    Selling my modified Zastava ZPAP M70 with relatively low round count (under 400) The rifle has quite a bit of work done to it: Barrel is chopped and pinned with a JMAC RRD4C keymo brake (16”). Front sight was pushed back to the gas block, similar to a Krebs 103K or AMD65. KNS adjustable piston...
  19. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for the hard to find dust cover button assembly for the milled m70. Please help. Edit. Even if it’s expensive please contact me.
  20. Yugoslavian
    I am looking to put a foreign optic on my ZPAPM70 and am curious if you all could advise on some good options. I have been looking at some of the options on IvanTactical and I like some of the options that attach directly to the optics mount, something like this: Unsure if this would be...
1-20 of 75 Results