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  1. Does anyone know what models of Kalashnikov are used by the Houthis in the Yemen...

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    War and where they originate from? I suspect that Iran is involved in sending them.
  2. A article you guys may be interested in...

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    This is about arms smuggling to Yemen and Somalia. I'm posting it, because apart from the AK pics which you guys may find intriguing, I was wondering if the presumed Iranian-made AKMs are indeed Iranian. Does anyone here know? www.conflictarm.com/download-file/?report_id=2444&file_id=2445
  3. Yemen wedding ‘Gangnam Style’ celebration dancer accidentally shoots AK-47

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    Yemen wedding celebration to ‘Gangnam Style’ ends with three dead when dancer accidentally shoots AK-47 The horrifying mistake turned the dance floor into a bloodbath and sent guests running in horror...