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  1. WTB WASR or romy g

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Hi all! I was in the market for a non-american made AK. I have done my research and decided that an AK would be the first gun purchase. That being said, I have looked at WASRs as well as built kits and would love to see some offers. I wouldn't mind seeing a WBP product either :) Thank you!
  2. Has the quality of Century Arms Romanian AKs improved ever since they got expensive?

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I've been out of the AK market for awhile. Last one I bought was an Waffen Werks 74 because it was one of few AKs in between Arsenal and Century prices. I remember not long ago the Romanians used to be around 3-500$ but they often had issues like key-holing, canted...
  3. How bad is this cant on my new Wasr-10?

    General Discussion
    Please excuse the crummy spur grip: I'm a New People's Republic of York resident. Side note: huge shout out to Atlantic arms for being willing to ship a NJ compliant WASR to my FFL with no pistol grip and allowing us to screw on a compliant one there. You guys rock! So, what's the consensus? How...
  4. My first AK opinions would be appreciated

    General Discussion
    Hello all I'm a new member to the forum. I have a slight issue I was hoping to get some opinions on. I'm planning on buying an AK Varient coming up in January unfortunately for me I'm not well educated in the world of AK pattern rifles as I would like to be. I've narrowed down the criteria...
  5. WASR 3 Ejection and Extraction issues

    I plan to post this on a few boards, in hopes that more eyes can help pinpoint the problem. Firstly, thank you in advance to all that can and do help. I bought this WASR 3 that I knew from the start had problems with ejecting. I am a gunsmith, but I don't specialize in the AK platform, so...
  6. AK Newbie Questions about my 1st AK47.......

    I recently purchased a WASR-10, i have a few questions. 1.This is the bolt out of my WASR-10, I’m told its single stack? 2.Are the last 2 digits of my serial the year my WASR-10 was made? 3. I thought all of the newer WASR-10s came with a double stack bolt? 4. Does it make that big...
  7. WASR Purchase from Atlantic Firearms

    I picked one of the worst times in history to decide to buy an AK-47. Having said that, I am thinking about getting a WASR from Atlantic Firearms, then sending it in for the Rifle Dynamics WASR Upgrade. I want a super-reliable rifle that always goes bang when I pull the trigger that I could use...