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waffen werks ak74

  1. Waffen Werks Last Run - AKM74 Pattern Rifle - Trash or Functioning Rifle

    New to forums/posting because I usually keep my matters to myself and search forums to find the bad about products. After a very long time of hesitating. ClassicFirearms.com, who always had the remnants of WaffenWerks Aks on hand bumped the price. I didn't want something in the $1000 range. I'd...
  2. Value of Waffen Werks AK74?

    Want to Know - What's it Worth
    I've been shopping around looking at an AK74 for my collection. The ones I find are all 600-800 on gunbroker then I found this one on bid starting at 250$. Once bidding gets going whats the highest I should go? (New to aks other than a semiconverted saiga and new to this forum) Can't get...