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  1. Want to Sell - Non AK Firearms Related
    I have a Colt 6920 MOE upper for sale. Comes with BCG, charging handle, and Magpul BUIS. About three hundred rounds through upper. Upper runs great, I want to switch to a piston upper so this one has to go. EO Tech does not come with upper. Price is $550, pay pal with 2% for there charges...
  2. Want to Sell - Non AK Firearms Related
    I purchased this Sig M400 11.5" complete upper brand new. I function tested and zeroed it. I then cleaned it and put it back in the safe. It is very accurate and a lot of fun. Price is $1025 (shipped). I accept DISCREET Paypal (+3.5%) and USPS money orders. Cross posted. Features...
1-2 of 2 Results