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  1. Optics & Accessories
    Which one have you guys found to be slimmer and lighter.. I have a sam 7 so it's a little heavier in general and I have smallish hands in general. Texas weapon systems or slr rails? I hear a lot of people refer slr but I do not know a lot about either of the 2. Do you guys have any feedback on...
  2. Optics & Accessories
    Any body have any experience with the tws dogleg dust cover? I've heard mixed reviews and thought id get additional feed back from you all. Short question. If I put it on a sam7 will it hold zero? Or should I save up for zentico?
  3. Optics & Accessories
    Hey all...Looking to an optics/accessory mount for C39V2. I've seen two main ones that I like, but I'm new to AK's so not sure which one is better. I've seen Texas Weapon Systems that replaces the dust cover and Ultimak that replaces the gas tube. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in...
1-3 of 3 Results