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  1. General Discussion
    As you can see in pic #1, this is a standard AK mount... In pic #2 though, it looks like an AK mount, but its thicker and nothing so far seems to fit it. What kind of mount is this and what fits it? Am I missing something here?
  2. Optics & Accessories
    Hello. I have an M+M Industries M10 with a Midwest Industries AK Mount that sits high in line with the rear sight. Upon further inspection and comparison to my SDS Lynx 12, the Lynx 12’s side rail Mount (which has a UTG Mount on it) sits lower than my M10. Is there an option out there to...
  3. Want to Buy/Sell Optics
    looking for an rs regulate 301m for my VSKA.
  4. General Discussion
    I am definitely a new member and for sure need some help with my wasr 10/63 GP. My problem started about a week ago, I purchased a Midwest Industries side rail optic mount and i slapped the only thing that i had on hand with me which was the Romeo 5 red dot sight. This sight has been proven, I...
  5. Optics & Accessories
    I currently have a Century Arms C39V2. I purchased a Primary Arms advanced micro red dot sight and a Red army standard side mount. Is there anyway I can use this red dot and install a riser so that I can run my gun with the lower 1/3 cowitness like many ar's run. I really would like the extra...
1-5 of 5 Results