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  1. SHTF and Survival Discussion
    During all this time at home I tried to create a SHTF / Bugout / Survival kit out of the cheapest items I could use. I went through all sorts of different set ups, each being a little different from the previous one, and for a while before all the rioting and looting started I had more of a...
  2. SHTF and Survival Discussion
    I was just thinking, I have ARs, AKs, and good ol' pump shotguns that I already know would be my go to options if SHTF, but I was wondering if the single shot shotguns I have would be good as well. My big thing is being able to have fast follow up shots and although it'll be a good survival gun...
  3. SHTF and Survival Discussion
    my and my co worker where talking about taking two guns and only two guns with u when shtf so we desided on a rifle of choice ( ak47 of course ) and a pistol but later that night i was thinking why not a shotgun they have so many different types of ammo and the effective range is much greater (...
  4. General Discussion
    Armed group takes over Oregon wildlife refuge building - CNN.com
  5. General Discussion
    Someone in CA was doing it right. Pretty sure we can all get our Golden Tiger ammo now that the biggest buyer is gone. LAPD finds man's decomposing body in car, 1,200 guns in his home - LA Times
  6. Romanian
    I picked one of the worst times in history to decide to buy an AK-47. Having said that, I am thinking about getting a WASR from Atlantic Firearms, then sending it in for the Rifle Dynamics WASR Upgrade. I want a super-reliable rifle that always goes bang when I pull the trigger that I could use...
1-6 of 6 Results