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  1. What year did the West first become aware of the AK-74M?

    Was it 1991, the year it began production?
  2. Photo report from my military weekends near the water!

    Multimedia Forum
    Hello dear Comrades! About a month ago I went to the island on the Argazi lake with my friends to shoot a little and spend time in the Soth Urals nature. My friends know what I'm in love with the photography and made me official reporter of our weekend. In this case I want to show you some of...
  3. When did the West become aware of synthetic furniture for the AK-74?

    Does anyone know of what year it became known? Late '80s?
  4. WTS RARE IZHMASH AK103 Magazine Russian 7.62x39 AK 103 AK-103

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Hello AK FORUM Members, " If this Add is up, i still have magazines" Russian Izhmash AK-103/104/AK-12 Ribbed Magazine - phenolic resin/Metal Reinforced construction These Magazines are steel reinforced at the feed lips, locking lugs, the bottom of the magazine, and halfway down...