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  1. Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Looking for any romy front trunnion, would prefer a virgin but any front trunnion that's not drilled over 7mm.
  2. Romanian
    Fellow Members, I want to gauge interest in a second run or AIMR folding stock clones by JMAC. With the recent small influx of AIMS kits I engaged JMAC about doing another small run of AIMR stock clones...with no luck. So...I figured I would put it out there and see if we can generate enough...
  3. Romanian
    Waiting on form 1 to clear and then it's off to Jim Fuller. I think I may like this more than my Arsenal krinks. Ignore the rifle trunion in the pics. I was so excited to get some pics with the stock that I set the trunion out because I was originally gonna go with a wire folder and make an md90.
  4. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    The following items are for sale. I believe that they are all from a Romanian AKM: Romanian AKM Lower Handguard retainer $20 Romanian AKM Front Trunnion - Rear sight block assembly with sight leaf $125 - SPF to member on another board. I accept DISCREET Paypal (+3.5%) and USPS...
  5. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Romy G rifle kit Price Drop Sold and shipped 1981 Romy G kit with original barrel. All matching numbers. This a prior screw build(not by me). Holes are not wallowed out. Includes 922 compliant parts to build. Tapco single hook trigger, hammer, and disconnector, US made piston already...
  6. RPK and RPD
    It seems a Romy RPK FSB will work but I can't find any for sale (PM if you have some you'd like to sell), does anyone know if an M72 FSB will work? Are there any other options?
1-6 of 7 Results