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  1. UZI fully welded receivers.

    McKay Enterprises
    GUY's, The UZI fully welded receivers are back in stock! No waiting! Let the other boards know please! :cool:
  2. for you AR guy's The Snake, 5 left!

    AR-15 General Discussion
    Gilboa Snake Double Barrel AR15 Rifle Part #: GM-SNAKE Introducing the Gilboa® Snake Rifle Available Now …. The Gilboa®, a new series of military-grade firearms design, is produced using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with the purpose of improving the well-known and proven system...
  3. Very nice UZI kits now in

    McKay Enterprises
    FOLDING STOCK Part #: RMUZ-PARTS-KIT-F Uzi SMG Parts Kit with Folding Stock. Original IMI Uzi SMG parts kits with folding stock in very good to excelent condition. Perfect for a build with the McKay Enterprises fully welded receiver (part # RMUZ1000) and barrel (Part # RMUZ-BRL). We are...
  4. Last of the Gray M16A1 receivers.

    McKay Enterprises
    We have 20 of the XM Grey M16A1 receivers left. no more after this. :eek:
  5. Mckay UZI con cover of firearms news!

    McKay Enterprises
    The mckay UZI RMUZ-09 is on the front cover of the latest issue of Firearms News! Read the article! :cool:
  6. Uzi seni bolts back in stock!

    McKay Enterprises
    Yes! we have UZI bolts back in stock! order now they never last long! :cool:
  7. AR .308 muzzle break, cheap!

    McKay Enterprises
    DPMS Muzzle Brake Miculek 5/8" -24 Thread LR-308 Steel Parkerized Part #: DPMS-MZL-BRK-308 Muzzle brakes are used to increase muzzle control while also adding a custom look to any firearm with the correct muzzle thread. Muzzle brakes can contain any combination of ports and holes which help...
  8. AR NM sights super discount!

    McKay Enterprises
    MATCH STYLE AR15A2 MATTE Part #: DPMS_R_SITE_MATCH_AR15 Replaces standard A2 rear sight. Features 1/4 minute windage and 1/2 minute elevation adjustments. Includes both a .052 and a .200 diameter aperture. Matte. No gunsmithing required. Notes: • Replaces the standard rear sight to provide...
  9. New AR M16 stuff for sale, discounted price!

    McKay Enterprises
    Check this out: DPMS AR-15 Flash Hider Slipover 5-1/2' lenght 1/2"-28 Thread Steel Parkerized - Parts
  10. M16A1 Blems, limited time only

    McKay Enterprises
    Gents for a short time only: Rather than destroy These, we are offering them with some small blemish marks. perfect for that almost perfect M16 kit:cool: M16A1 XM Grey Lower Receiver Blems Part #: RM16A-G-BLEM RM16A1 lowers from McKay Enterprises features 7075 T6 forgings with XM GreyType 3...
  11. More M16A1 barrels

    AR-15 General Discussion
    Gents, I still get a lot of calls for M16A1 barrels, Have a few more. Can you let the guy's on ARFCOM know as well? Thanks! :cool: M16 A1 Replacement Barrel - AR15/M16
  12. WTS: Pistol collection H&K P7, Beretta 92 Step slide, CZ-75 Retro, S&W + more TX

    Want to Sell - Non AK Firearms Related
    WTS: Pistol collection H&K P7, Beretta 92 Step slide, CZ-75 Retro, S&W + more TX WTS: Pistol collection H&K P7, Beretta 92 Step slide, CZ-75 Retro, S&W + more TX Selling off pistol collection. PISTOLS: 1) H&K P7 PSP (9mm) — includes spare magazine, original box with manual, take down tool...