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  1. Maadi Muzzle Brake Question

    So first off ill just say that I am 100% new to the AK world. My main area of interest is older military surplus firearms but I figure with the election coming up I need to go ahead and make a move on an AK. A gentleman has offered to sell me his PARS import Egyptian Maadi. The slant brake looks...
  2. Question: Reason for different XY stampings on AK-74's?

    Why do AKM stampings look like YXY, and AK-74 stampings look like yXY? Also, Tula AK-74 stampings are different too, they're more like: '|'XY
  3. Help a Noob with putting a suppressor on Draco-C?

    Optics & Accessories
    Hi Guys, I just bought my first Draco-C, and i wanted to put a suppressor on it. I read that if the barrel exceeds a certain limit its considered a rifle? And all the posts i read are of people welding and pinning it permanently to get the certified rifle description. But i just want a...
  4. Russian AK-74 Parkerizing Questions

    Build It Yourself
    I'm going to be building a Russian 1982 AKS-74 clone soon and want to make it dead on for the year, but like many people I've had little to no hands on with a original Rusky. So I have some questions about the parkerized under finish. First, what type was used; magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, ect...