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  1. GLINIC imported Chinese AK47s

    Just looking to learn a bit more about this gun. Whats the value? Years they were imported? Trying to figure out exactly what i have here. Markings are not stamped but more like penciled in, if that makes sense.. Marked.. AK47s 7.62x39mm Made in china Imported by GLINIC LA CA
  2. WTS Yugo Mitchell Pre Ban Grips

    Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Yugo Mitchell Pre Ban Grips-Price Reduced Yugo Mitchell Pre Ban Grips Price Reduced to $100 Shipped TYD UPDATE QTY: Only #5 of the Best Pistol Grips Ever Made For Yugo’s Is Left! These Are Certainly The Cheapest & Best Upgrade For Your Yugo #1 SOLD #2 SOLD #3 SOLD #4 SOLD #6 SOLD #7 SOLD #8...
  3. WTS Rare preban GSAD import underfolder

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    Folks, At the top of every AK47 collector's wish-list is a spiker or underfolder version of this rare GSAD import AK. The first ones came in around 1984 and have minimal roll-marks thus featured in many Hollywood blockbusters from the 80's. This particular one is a 1987 import with extra...
  4. WTS One of 400 imported Polytech Galil style folders

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    Up for sale my beautiful and barely fired preban Poly Tech Galil folder with one 3 witness hole Chinese magazine. Some parts still show cosmoline mixed with the white lithium grease I use on all my prebans. Had this in my collection for a while, time to let go to a new owner. Asking $2700...
  5. WTT: Preban Kassnar import Hungarian SA85M underfolder.

    Want to Buy/Trade - AK Related
    Interested in possible trades. Seeing what's out there. Trades I may consider: Genuine tabuk kit RPD Mitchell Arms preban yugo Two Rivers Arms tabuk sniper. Overall excellent condition. Has some wear marks in wood. Unknown round count. Located in Jacksonville AL. What's out there? Text...
  6. WTK: Norinco 84S

    Want to Know - What's it Worth
    Want to know what this gun is worth; tried doing some searching and not having the best of luck. The details: -Norinco 84s -Chambered in 5.56 -Fixed wood stock -PreBan -Bayonet lug (NO bayonet) -Factory sling -Factory cleaning kit -Factory Manual -Factory 30 round mag -NO original box -Blueing...
  7. WTS: Norinco 84S-1 5.56mm with ten 30-round Norinco mags

    Want to Sell - AK Rifles
    *Withdrawn, please lock* WTS: Norinco 84S-1 5.56mm *Withdrawn* Please lock! Thank you! This ad is cross-posted on other boards. I have for sale one pre-ban Norinco 84S-1 underfolder sold with ten 30-round Norinco mags. It's a shooter, in excellent condition, numbers matching. Finish has some...