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  1. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    SPF: Yugo M70AB2, 1986, Completely matching parts kit with MINT intact ORIGINAL Bbl! Next up is an amazingly minty Yugoslavian M70AB2 kit that I'm selling.... (Item #8)... NOW SPF to crosscreek55 ...was $875! It's an impossibly excellent-condition 1986 kit and appears to be unfired (see bolt...
  2. Want to Sell - AK Parts & Accessories
    Item #2; Romanian "G" Parts Kit 1984 dated, with INTACT original military barrel, from MINT unfired gun, all matching numbers including rear sight blade, All parts less FCG, torch cut receiver with no damage to re-used parts. Excellent original finish. Best quality Romanian kit! Add a receiver...
1-2 of 2 Results