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  1. Optics & Accessories
    What do you recommend? Smaller and less expensive is preferred. The recommended ones on a couple reputable AK sites on Youtube are now obsolete.
  2. Egyptian
    I recently picked up an Intrac import that had been bubba’d with cheap dragunov stock and cheap scope. I’ve recently acquired a full wood Maadi furniture set to return it back to its gloriousness but am looking at optics. I have a master mount I am planning on installing and just looking at...
  3. Want to Buy/Sell Optics
    looking for an rs regulate 301m for my VSKA.
  4. Optics & Accessories
    looking for an RS regulate front biased lower to mount to my VSKA.
  5. Yugoslavian
    I am looking to put a foreign optic on my ZPAPM70 and am curious if you all could advise on some good options. I have been looking at some of the options on IvanTactical and I like some of the options that attach directly to the optics mount, something like this: Unsure if this would be...
  6. Optics & Accessories
    So I have a M76 ordered from AWO but wont have it until June. I did order an extra scope mount and just got it in the mail. I have seen people modify the mount with a piece of pic rail to have extra flexibility for optics. That being said the rings take 1in scopes. Has anybody had any success...
  7. Optics & Accessories
    Does anyone know of a place where I can get optics repaired? I have a Russian Kobra that has some problems with its elevation turret. It is extremely difficult to turn, and Kalinka told me that they do not have technicians on deck to handle that kind of request, nor do they have any spare Kobras...
  8. Optics & Accessories
    Hey all...Looking to an optics/accessory mount for C39V2. I've seen two main ones that I like, but I'm new to AK's so not sure which one is better. I've seen Texas Weapon Systems that replaces the dust cover and Ultimak that replaces the gas tube. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in...
  9. Optics & Accessories
    Hi all. New to the forum. Hoping to get some expert advice on this theoretical setup. Oh great Oracle of the interwebs, I summon thee... I'm trying to put together the PA Advanced Micro RDS on an RS Regulate AKR so that I can leave room behind it for a flip-to-the-side (f2s) mounted magnifier...
  10. Optics & Accessories
    Now through Feb. 15th, we are covering the cost of shipping, even on optics that are on sale! Your purchase will ship via USPS priority mail. No codes needed as this offer will auto-calculate at checkout. Check out our line of optics here: Optics | Russian, Kashtan 1P78 scope, POSP, Red Dot
  11. Optics & Accessories
    I'm looking for a good red dot to mount on the upper hand guard of my yugo m70. I've really sorta nailed it down to these two ( vortex spitfire or sparc II) but I want to know if any of y'all have used these on the ak in the hand guard position and what your thoughts are. Thanks guys
1-11 of 11 Results