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  1. General Discussion
    Three years now I started discussing with John about the possibility of him making a few replicas of the NK T68 trigger guards. The concept gained enough traction/interest for it to move forward, however due to a move on his part, and a deployment in 2018, it fell off. I have received a few PMs...
  2. North Korean
    Some have said that it may have been influenced by the Chinese Type 81 rifle. Are there any similarities between the two? Also, it has been stated that modifications were made to suit local needs and production capabilities. Could someone here tell me more?
  3. North Korean
    First off, what designation do they have? Is it Type 88 or Type 98? Or are they different variations? Second, where did the NKs get their knowledge to build the 74? Third, is it similar to the Soviet original or to some other model? I've heard it said that they resembled the Chinese version, for...
  4. North Korean
    I came across this article, and thought that you guys might be interested in what it says: North Korean Small Arms (Democratic People?s Republic of Korea)
  5. North Korean
    I'm asking because I heard that they were manufacturing one under the name of Type 64, and I was wondering if anyone here has heard of it.
  6. North Korean
    I seem to recall I came across a post which supposedly had NK pics from that country, but they were no longer available. Could someone rest them, or maybe post any new pics?
1-6 of 6 Results